Are you interested in becoming a Conservative Councillor?

Want to represent your local community?

We're looking for candidates.

🔵 The North East Somerset and Hanham Conservative Association is looking for eager candidates who are passionate about improving people's lives and want to make a real difference to their community.

To be eligible to stand as a Councillor candidate you must be 👇:

🔷 British or a citizen of the Commonwealth or EU.

🔷 At least 18 years old.

🔷 Registered to vote in B&NES or have lived, worked or owned property here for at least 12 months before the election.

🔷 A member of the Conservative Party at the time of the election, but for the time being at least support Conservative Party principles.

If you're interested in standing in Bath and North East Somerset, or know someone else that might be please email 👇: